Yicheng launched domain controller 2.0, enabling high-level unmanned vehicles


Most of the functions in the car are realized by ECU (electronic control unit). As one of the core components of modern automobile electronics, the ECU of a car is as high as dozens or even hundreds, and the system is more and more complex, and the communication network between ECUs is becoming more and more bloated. With the development and application of automatic driving technology, the traditional ECU has been unable to meet the requirements of automotive applications, so the product concept of domain controller emerges as the times require.

Domain controller 1.0 has been successfully transplanted to the self-developed driverless Park Bus Park fairy and driverless passenger cars, and a series of L3 and L4 functions are implemented. From October last year to now, the domain controller has been running on the unmanned vehicle for more than 2000 hours, driving nearly 5000 kilometers, and the performance is very stable. While focusing on technology development, Yicheng actively connects with vehicle enterprises to promote the application of technology. After several samples of domain controller 1.0 are available for trial use by cooperative customers, we fully listen to the needs and opinions of customers, and make a lot of improvements to the domain controller.

2020 is the first year of L3 automatic driving commercialization, and most domestic vehicle enterprises plan to realize L3 automatic driving function around 2020. In order to match the landing rhythm of vehicle enterprises, eascheng automatic driving release domain controller 2.0 has the following capabilities:

L support 8-channel camera input

L supports 6 channels of MMW radar input

L support 12 channel ultrasonic radar input

L support 6-channel LIDAR point cloud signal input

L multi bus technology, supporting multi-sensor data fusion, 6-way can (canfd), 1-way FlexRay, 1-way Lin, 6-way TSN vehicle Ethernet interface

L support OTA software upgrade

Asil-d design of functional safety

L AUTOSAR software architecture

L support L3 / L4 automatic driving function

L can be customized according to customer requirements

The domain controller in automatic driving is a multi-purpose processing and computing platform with functional security and information security. By integrating all kinds of software and hardware, various functions defined by automatic driving at all levels can be realized. In addition, the domain controller receives the signals from all kinds of sensors, creates the perceptual environment model, and plans the optimal path of the vehicle, and controls the actuator to complete the action through the can interface.

As an enterprise actively promoting the application of automatic driving technology, Yicheng automatic driving has started its own domain controller development since its establishment, and completed the domain controller version 1.0 in October 2018. The domain controller is specially designed for the landing application of autopilot. Various autopilot sensors and data interfaces are reserved for the access of peripheral components to meet the landing requirements of low power consumption and low cost.

At the same time, Yicheng completed the development of genius mind automatic driving software and genius kit software middleware. Geniusmind software contains a complete set of automatic driving algorithms from perception to control. The computational power of the domain controller is deeply optimized to make the whole autopilot platform have excellent energy consumption ratio and cost performance ratio. Geniuskit middleware includes the driver, running environment and open API interface of the underlying hardware. It can connect the upper software and the lower hardware well, and support the technology development and reuse.

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