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Shenzhen ECHIEV automatic driving technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech company specialized in the research and development of automatic driving and intelligent vehicle technology and products. Its members come from the automatic driving project team of qualcomm, general motors, audi, yuanzheng technology and xinfa. It is easy to develop a complete FPGA modular automatic driving scheme based on embedded, and realize the rapid commercialization of automatic driving along the path of modularization, low cost, fast landing and industrialization.

Set up the time

Shenzhen ECHIEV automatic driving technology co., LTD was established on March 15, 2017, consisting of yicheng shenzhen headquarters and yicheng Beijing branch.

Corporate Vision

Automatic smart cars make travel better.

Core Business

The company's core business includes highly reliable low-speed/high-speed intelligent driverless vehicles, soc-level deep learning vision processors, soc-level lidar point cloud data processors.......

Future Goals

Become the intelligent mobile "third space" service provider of future human life and work. We will build a "cloud + terminal" travel service platform, integrate urban services with unmanned......

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